Service & Maintenance

As essential as installing the correct air conditioning or refrigeration system is making sure it is maintained properly. You have invested in a great system, so why not look after it?

To retain manufacturer warranties, keep your system filters healthy from dust and dirt, and nip any major problems in the bud before they escalate to a costly call-out, regular maintenance checks and annual services are needed. Poor performing systems can also use up to 50% more energy than normal, so it’s important to be proactive and prevent small problems escalating into potentially bigger, more costly ones.

We offer several different kinds of maintenance and service plans to all our customers, both on a contractual and non-contractual basis. The choice is yours.

Contract customers need never worry about being without someone there on-hand to help fix any problems, benefiting from a 24-hour call-out emergency service.

Please note that we also offer all schools a free call-out service that has purchased an air conditioning system or has a maintenance contract in place with us.


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