This Project was at a residential property in Kensington, London for a very wealthy property developer.

When we were presented with a set of drawings for this building on our first site visit and asked to design a system that would be very discreet and would be the only source of heating for the building. Knowing the buildings in this area of London, one of our first questions was, what are the planning restriction on this building? We then found that there were restrictions due to the age of the property, but found that they were very easy restrictions for us to work with.

The system that we designed for this property was hidden in the furniture of all the 7 bedrooms, the ceilings of the library and play room and covered by decorative cases to suit the building in the other

When we commissioned this system the outdoor temperature was -2°C and it was snowing. This was the only source of heating in the building and within a very short time the building reached the set temperature. The system has performed well over the last year and our customer is very satisfied with the result of this project.