This project was for a London based coach tour company that was moving to a new building. The tour company that we carried this project out for was looking to down size the company, which meant that they were moving to a new smaller premises. They had occupied their current building for over 25 years and due to the tenants agreement had to carry out various work to the building before they vacated.

The cooling system for this building was supplied by a small roof top chiller that was over 25 years old and hadn’t worked for the last few years they were in the building, but due to their agreement conditions they had to hand the building back with a working cooling system. We were called into assess the faults of the existing system and supply a report with repair costs for the work required to
get the system functioning again.

After our inspection we advised the customer that the repair works to the indoor units were simple but the work required for the chiller on the roof would cost far more than a new chiller. The customer agreed for us to carry out the internal unit repair works and to replace the roof top chiller.

To replace the chiller we had various different trade contractors in to help us including a structural engineer, a welding company, a logistics company and a crane high company as well as our own installers. The roof of the plant area had to be removed ready for the cranage company to lift the existing chiller off of the roof and the new chiller back on the roof, and then welded back together
again after.

We submitted all of the relevant certificates and information relating to the cooling system of this building, for the customer to hand to the building landlord.