This was a domestic customer that has their loft area converted to be used as a gym and cinema area.

Loft conversions are a very popular building modification now days in residential property, but many people choose not to have air conditioning installed during the build because they feel it is not needed. Due to the strict building regulation when a loft is converted the amount of insulation that is required to be installed in the roof, walls and flooring cause the building to hold a large amount of the building heat in. This is great for the winter time but when the summer comes it is still trying to hold the heat in the building.

This customer chose to have air conditioning installed during the build of their loft conversion which means that there are many more design possibilities at this stage. one of the down sides of a loft conversion is that you usually do not have great ceiling heights and you have very little wall space, so the systems need to be designed with this in mind.

In this property we designed a system that would have individual control in each of the 3 room that were being made and that the units were not visible within the room. The systems delivered air through ductwork that was run through small void areas within the loft that are connected to slim discreet slot grilles in the ceiling that were custom made to match the width of the windows of each room. The system installed in this property provides both cooling and heating which has enabled this customer to comfortably use their new room all year round.