Design & Installation

We have a straightforward, thorough and methodical process for ensuring we assess your needs correctly, and can therefore advise you properly on the right kind of air conditioning or refrigeration system to meet your expectations.

Once an appointment with a member of our team has been arranged, we will come out to your site and survey the area you wish to cool or heat by taking some simple room measurements and understanding what considerations will need to be made: how many computers are used there? How many people are there in the room on a daily basis? What kinds of materials are the walls made from, and how well insulated are they?

We will consider all these things, and many more, before advising you on the best system and equipment for your site – whether that be a home, factory, studio or laboratory.

In environments where several people may be working, such as an office, we often require room and furniture plans in order to ensure that the system benefits everybody in the way that it should do, making the room’s environment and temperature comfortable for all.

An important part of our ethos is that, as well as taking your budget into account, we will also make sure that we offer you the most effective solution to your problem that will clearly benefit you and achieve your objectives. This is because, whatever your final decision, we want it to remain an informed one.


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