This is a project that we carried out a few years ago now, but was a very challenging project that required lots of long days to complete.

This building is the head office for one of the country’s largest construction companies. This project involved installing ducted style fan coil units in this building to supply the computer server room that was responsible for the whole computer network of the £1.1billion company, 6 meeting rooms, and the side offices and reception. The design of this project was that of an architect and his design team of consultants, which specified that we used Daikin VRV heat recovery systems to provide the heating and cooling to this building.

Throughout the duration of this project the building was a building site with over 200 contractors on site each day all trying their hardest to meet the very short time deadline of project completion. Our installers worked long days on this project, many of which going late into the night due to the amount of work that was required before the completion date. The hard work and dedication of our workers showed when we were one of the first trades on site to complete and leave site.