This building was built in the 1930’s as a cinema with a very detailed interior designed by a Russian architect.

The building and interior is now listed and used as a church with around 2000 patrons.

We were contacted by the head of the organisation and asked if we could design a system that would provide heating and cooling to the building without causing any damage to the listed areas and to also make the system as discreet as possible so that it did not spoil the beauty of the building.

We managed to install various units around the building without damaging any listed items and also found that there were areas contaminated with Asbestos that we also had to stay away from.

Throughout the duration of this work the church stayed open and functioned as normal, which meant that we had to stick to a very tight time schedule and also ensure that there was no dust of mess inside the building.

The project was completed and commissioned in early 2014 and handed over to a very happy group of people that were a pleasure to work for.